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The Frontier and Pursuit are here.  Designed by consumer suggestions.  The new Pinnacle Seat for Duck Hunters and Fishermen in the Frontier is just one of our new accessories.  Cruise our site for more new accessories.





 The NuCanoe, designed by Tim Niemier pioneer of the sit-on-top kayak & founder of Ocean Kayak. "My goal is to put a billion butts in boats.

  In designing the NuCanoe, I wanted to create a stable, versatile boat that could get many people on the water. The NuCanoe is safe and fun and fits with my motto of  Small Boats,  Big Dreams."

  The NuCanoe features an innovative, high-flotation, sealed hull that is virtually unsinkable and provides an optimal balance of tracking, manueverability, and speed.
The NuCanoe's versatility enables single or tandem use, and allows users to choose between canoe paddling, kayak paddling, or trolling with an electric motor.  NuCanoe boats are ideal for fishing, fly fishing, hunting, paddling, crabbing, diving, and so much more.
NuCanoe boats combine safety, stability, and fun to provide the best experience on the water.

The NuCanoe  -  New Frontier Model  is  Versatile - Stable - Self Bailing

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